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Dear citizen!

We are very pleased that you have now found our website www.stress.dk because it has a long time been a mantra that "stress is also positive" and that has destroyed millions of people, so you should let it go for the future.

The problem is that pressure for millions of years has been a physical pressure for all humans, animals, insects, etc. in need for vital nutrients and proteins to survive in everyone's struggle against all, and therefore the fighting combatants have mobilized fight hormones to gain extra strength – and that's just stress.

All kinds of pressure give stress, but today there is no longer any physical pressure on us to survive physically. We get the vital nutrients and proteins in the stores, and we have no longer need for combat hormones. In short.

Nevertheless, in the early 1990s, a movement of "positive stress" occurred, where therapists postulated, that "stress is also positive" so you should not be sad of your stress. Many stressed people 'bought' the postulate, and the postulate 'positive stress' has apparently come to stay, but why?

For can stress...

  • relieve pain
  • mitigate sorrows?
  • solve problems?
  • Reduce loneliness?
  • Prevent bullying?
  • Prevent worries and annoyances?

No, not at all!

It is decidedly grotesque that mental pressure today provides physical combat preparedness that is completely irrelevant to remedy our mental problems.

But what is the reason then, why millions of people have still have "bought" the postulate "positive stress"?

In an uncertain world, security is alfa and omega, and when you get to know that "stress is also positive," you'll be comfortable with your stress, and you'll accept your stress. Simply!

But the peace of mind is a fake security, for stressed people die like flies, and along the way they do not have neither quality or joy of life.

Therefore, the art is now to avoid producing combat hormones, no matter how much pressure rests on you, and so we can let the wild animals use the stress mechanism in their daily physical struggle for food - but civilized people no longer need the stress mechanism.

Thus, the tone is turned on: You can never prevent mental pressure - but you can prevent stress in yourself!

Our text "Free of stress" shows the way to relaxation and thus quality and joy of life.

Yours sincerely



Lars Holm-Pedersen



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